Meet with a Security Innovation Specialist and receive a complimentary Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth® speaker II (a $129 value).

Ditch the stick. Be the hero. Get teams stoked about security.


Meet with Security Innovation and receive your Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth® speaker II

  • Do you currently have a project or need to train your builders, operators or defenders around software security?

  • When reviewing a technical software training program for builders, operators and/or defenders, which of the following is most important?

  • When do you plan to make a decision on the solution to train your builders, operators or defenders around software security?

  • What is your responsibility with training your builders, operators or defenders around software security?

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Prepare Teams Differently for the Cybersecurity Battle

CMD+CTRL is a hands-on training platform that uses insecure software environments to hone security skills. It reflects the complexity and risk of today’s tech stacks: flawed design, defenseless code, and misconfigured deployments – and tempts players to exploit them.

Unrivaled in authenticity, CMD+CTRL takes engagement to a whole new level. It is not designed to turn teams into hackers, but to gain insight into how connected software functions and fails with respect to security. If teams can’t sniff out insecure practices, they’re likely making the same mistakes – and putting you at risk.

Change Behavior

Change Behavior

Traditional training builds knowledge, but it’s only when humans try, fail, and succeed that they experience those transformative a-ha moments.

Make Training Stick

Make Training Stick

Real technologies, automated scoring, and other gratification elements keep players immersed. Fun for teams, critical for management.

Gauge Real-world Skills

No pre-determined answers. Players connect their own dots for success. Unmask rock stars – they’ll likely surprise you.

Cloud-based & Turnkey

No hardware, installation, configuration or cumbersome scoring. CMD+CTRL requires only a browser and our auto-scoring engine immediately awards points.

Run events with a Click

Select a range and duration, and get playing. It’s so easy that we’ve run them at dozens of OWASP events, where CMD+CTRL was chosen over OWASP JuiceShop CTF.